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24 Dec 2021

Adding Domain to Microsoft 365

Sahil Kokamkar
Microsoft 365

Adding Domain in relatively easy and pretty much automated. Thanks to Microsoft for putting out this much work.

Here is the walkthrough of it:

Microsoft Account

  1. Go to then login to your account.
  2. Then go to Settings > Add Domain
    Here you can view all exisitng you have setup or add a new one.

Adding Domain

Add Domain

  • You will be then prompt with setup page to add your Domain

Add Domain Name

After hitting next, complete the DNS setup wizard.

DNS Records

  • You can download the zone and setup manually or select your DNS provider

Add the DNS records of DNS you want to use

For eg. If you already use different email services and don't want to conflict with MX records. You can skip Microsoft Exchange MX record.

Here is an example of Skype for business records

Skype DNS Records

After completing DNS setup, You can add users

Add User

Sharing created user

Then you can share the Sign-in info through Email or Download as CSV or PDF.

Share Info

After that, you need to share the sign-in with the user, so he can complete the setup of his account.

User Setup

The user will get this type of username and temp password.


Now you are all set, you can also add more user to it from the admin panel and monitor them.