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11 Feb 2022

Android 13

Sahil Kokamkar
Unsplash Credit:@redaquamedia

Android 13 Timeline

After the final release of Android 12 it was now time to get ready for Android 13 with an official codename "Tiramisu".

Yesterday google released it first Developer Preview, so I was excited to try it out, so I tried booting the GSI, and it worked after few trial and error with few bugs.

UI changes

There wasn't any major overall UI changes. Compare to change of UI from 11 to 12. The UI was pretty much the same except few UI changes.

New Features:

Photo Picker

KVM hypervisor

Let's us run Linux Distro and Windows right from the phone with near-native performance using KVM hypervisor.

KVM Hypervisor

You can download the GSI Image from below

ArchitectureDownload Link

I will write one more post when the Final Build is released