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04 Jan 2022

Managing and Serving Image

Sahil Kokamkar
Unspash Credit:@nguiney

I use cloudinary to serve and manage my image upload instead of severing image through the same server.

Why I choose Cloudinary?

There are many image uploads manager out there such as imagekit, imgix, uploadcare, filestack etc. I selected cloudinary because it was easy to integration with my existing workflow. And offers add-ons, to better manage images, such as using AI to tag images automatically and other such stuff.

Below are the list of add-ons offered by Cloudinary.

List of add-ons

Advantages through Cloudinary

  • Removes EXIF data by default
  • Support for WebP, AVIF and other image format
  • Image transformation on the fly
  • Lazy-loads images by default
  • Serves image through CDN
  • Automated image optimization
  • Restricting image access

Final Note:

I didn't notice any performance difference because I serve my blog through CDN as well. But it has help me to better manage my images. And I am sure it was an overkill my blog.