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31 Oct 2022


Sahil Kokamkar
Visual Studio Code Server

VS Code server

VS Code server is a self-hosted alternative to GitHub Codespaces.

Installing VS Code server

Using VS Code Server, we can self-host and run it through local or remote server.

$wget -O- | sh
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It will automatically install all the required dependencies, you can always use --dry-run flag to check all the changes it does.

Once you have done with the installation simple run

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Then follow the steps and do an auth with your GitHub account at

VS code server auth

Once you have authorized, select desired username


Then visit the given URL to access the VS Code Server, the best part is you don't have to mess with any DNS configuration to make it work :)

Now you should be able to use VS Code from browser, you can sync your settings etc.

VS Code Studio extension

You can also install Extension just like normal VS Code.

Things like Jupiter Notebook works Fine too.

Jupiter Notebook

Even remote web development works with auto port forwarding with secured access via GitHub auth.

Remote Web Server

You can also access the terminal of remote server via VS Code server itself.

VS Code Terminal

Note: At the time of writing this post, you have to first Sign Up for the access.