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04 Aug 2022

Using Rclone to transfer files

Sahil Kokamkar
Rclone logo


Rclone is a CLI tool which is similar to rsync with lots of others features. It helps to manage and sync files between different cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, OneDrive, Mega etc.

Installing Rclone

You can either download the latest release from GitHub or install it using the below script:


DRY_RUN=1 sh ./

sudo sh

Configuring Rclone

Once you have done installation, run rclone config and follow the instruction to configure your remote storage.

Note, you can also add multiple configs.

RClone Config

If you are running rclone on remote server, just make sure you select No for Use auto config.

Transferring local files to remote location

To copy files from local to remote, use the bellow syntax and use -P tag to show the progress.

rclone copy <local-location> <remote-location>

For example, I am transferring the Files folder from local to remote S3 location at files folder.

Rclone Copy

You can also transfer files between two remote locations and can also use server-side transfer on same storage provider.

Rclone can also calculate md5sum & sha5sum and find deduple and help with other useful stuffs, you can check their docs for more info on it.