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26 Feb 2023


Sahil Kokamkar
Yet Another Nuxt Blog Theme

YANBT (Yet Another Nuxt Blog Theme) is open source blog made using Nuxt3.


  • Easy Setup
  • Write post in markdown with MDC support thanks to nuxt/content
  • Auto generate og:image using Satori thanks to nuxt-seo-kit
  • Image optimization using Nuxt image
  • Auto generated RSS Feed

Lighthouse Results

Below tests where conducted on

YANBT Lighthouse Score Mobile

Test Conditions on Mobile

YANBT Lighthouse Score Desktop

Test Conditions on Desktop


It's easy to get it started with YANBT just run the be steps:

  • First clone the repo
$git clone
Click to copy
  • cd into the folder
$cd yanbt
Click to copy
  • Install all required packages using your node package manager
npm i
pnpm i


  • Copy the content of .env.example into .env file or rename it.
# Site Public URL

# Site Name

# Site Description

# Twicpics URL
Uncomment the variable and fill with your own values.

Image provider

You can change also change to different image provider by replacing the below line with your selected provider in nuxt.config.ts

image: {
    twicpics: { 
        baseURL: process.env.NUXT_PUBLIC_TWICPICS_URL 

Writing Posts

To write post delete the existing files in the /content/posts or modify them.

You can edit the following values according to your's

title: Example
publishDate: 26 Feb 2023
author: Lorem Ipsum
description: This is demo blog
heroImage: /image/blog/img1.jpg
alt: Unsplash Credit @benjaminelliott
    src: '/image/blog/img1.jpg'
    alt: 'Unsplash Credit @benjaminelliott'
    width: 1920
    height: 1280
layout: post

And below it use markdown to write your post along with MDC components. Here is Markdown Example.

Along with it you can also use icon using following syntax :icon{name="logos:mastodon-icon"}

Results in you can find more icon to use via


You can deploy to a nodejs server or use any nitro supported provider. Checkout nitro deploy docs for more info.


Made possible thanks to all this packages: