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07 Sep 2021

About This Blog

Sahil Kokamkar
Astro + Netlify
Update Switched to Nuxt: Post Link.

This blog is made using Astro and integrated with Netlify CMS which is a git based Headless CMS which generate the static site.

You can find the source code here.

Why not use any existing Blogging Platforms such as Medium or Substack 👀?

I like to self-hosting and owning my content.

P.S. I hate T&C

Why I choose Astro?

The answer is simple, after considering and trying out various CMS(Ghost, Sanity) and static sites generators(11ty, Hugo). I decided to go with Astro because it was something new and generates every website with zero client-side JavaScript(So that user can browse the blog with JS disabled), by default because of Partial Hydration. And supports any UI component (ReactPreactSvelteVueSolidJSAlpineJS and Lit). So it has little to none learning curve.

Choosing Netlify CMS

After trying API based CMS, I didn't like it much, so I pick git based CMS. There aren't much git based CMS out there, so there are only a few to begin with and had all the features I needed such as live preview and markdown editor.

Markdown + Live preview

But someday I will migrate to using Tina and don't worry I will never push ads.