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22 Aug 2022

Android 13 Review after a week

Sahil Kokamkar
Android 13 Banner

As said earlier, I would review Android 13 when it's launched. So on 15th August, Google announced they are rolling out their yearly OS update (Android 13) via OTA for Pixel devices and later it was pushed to AOSP. Which was early instead of, it's yearly September schedule.

TBH, I wasn't hyped for it as there wasn't any major changes

So yeah, it was time to try it.

Installing Android 13

As I don't have Pixel device, I had to compile Android 13 for my device to try it out. If you don't have a pixel device, you can either compile it for your device or use a GSI.

Initial expression

There wasn't any major changes to UI as compare to previous android release(A12) which added Material You.

But there were some minor UI and UX changes overall, which I will go through.

Changes in Music Navigation

With a new seek bar and audio control.

Andorid 13 Music Navigation

Active Apps Tab

Active Apps Tab

Now you can view all the running apps from the QS panel.

Extra Material You colors

With this update, we get extra colors to choose from for Material You design.

New Permission Control

Permission Control

Now you can have to manually Allow / Deny notification access for applications by default.

Change language per app

You can change default language per app via Language settings.

The Easter egg

Just like Android 12 Easter egg, you can check trigger the Easter egg by setting the clock to 1 o'clock (13 in 24-hour format)

Overall, there weren't many changes as compare to Android 12. In terms of UI but there were some perrty good under the hood changes too such as DOH and chromebook sync.

You read the full change log here.