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22 Jun 2022

Effects of Cloudflare Outage

Sahil Kokamkar
This is fine

How I came to know about it?

So yesterday around 12:07 PM IST, I receive email from monitoring service that my website down with an error log showing ERROR 500.

So head up to find about it.

Finding the cause

So I SSH into my server and checked the Nginx logs, surprisingly it was all fine and running.

After that, I did a traceroute to my domain and find out Cloudflare was at faulty.

I headed to Cloudflare dashboard, and it was unreachable, even the status page wasn't responding.

Later,  Cloudflare CTO responded about outage on YCombinator news, and it was yet another big outage due to BGP after Facebook.

End of the Outage

On the same day, Cloudflare posted a postmodern report about it. Which was impressive as others takes a lot of time to publish it.

The outage affected services using Cloudflare such as Discord, Crunchyroll, Shopify, Udemy, Canva, NordVPN etc.

And my website was also down for 7 min. Sorry if you were trying to access it :(

Website Uptime

Fortunately, my blog and other self-hosted services were unaffected as it wasn't using Cloudflare.

Blog Uptime

So apparently Cloudflare carrys the whole Internet in the back it seems